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2022 China Silk Conference held in Yizhou, Hechi
Updated: 2022-11-28

The 2022 China Silk Conference and the 2nd China sericulture and silk industry high-quality development conference were both held in Yizhou district of Hechi, the "hometown of Chinese sericulture", on Oct 25.

The conference arranged a number of important updates such as a report on the development of the silkworm cocoon and silk industry, the work report of the first council meeting of the eighth session of the China Silk Association, speeches by key enterprises, and a ceremony marking the lifelong achievement award of the national cocoon and silk industry.

Hechi is the largest major production area of cocoon and silk in Guangxi, and also a production base of high-quality cocoon and silk in China. The scale of its sericulture industry has ranked first among cities in China for many years, and its processing capacity of cocoon and silk continues to lead the country.

In April this year, Guangxi's advantageous characteristic industrial cluster of sericulture, with Hechi as the leading city, was approved and established, becoming the first such cluster on a national level with its sericulture industry ranking as the leading industry in China, involving 45 projects in Yizhou, Jinchengjiang, Luocheng, Huanjiang, Donglan, Du'an and other counties and districts.

This year, Hechi has introduced four major sericulture and silk projects with a total investment of 9.3 billion yuan ($1.3 billion). Their completion will fill in the gaps of white refining, dyeing and printing technology in Guangxi's silk industry chain, and help the sustainable development of Hechi's sericulture and silk industry.


Yizhou district. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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