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Nandan lures tourists with ripe persimmons
Updated: 2022-11-18

The Manjuan Gardening Professional Cooperative, a persimmon garden spanning 2,500 mu (167 hectares) in Liuzhai town, Nandan county, has recently attracted hordes of tourists and photographers to soak up its scenic beauty taking some snaps.

On Nov 1, as the persimmons matured, the cooperative opened to welcome guests. As of now, it has attracted more than 6,000 tourists.

In recent years, with the growing prosperity of rural tourism, Liuman town has explored ways of combining agriculture, culture and tourism to help boost the income of local people. At the beginning of this year, the local government invested more than 1.2 million yuan ($168,000) in the Manjuan Gardening Professional Cooperative, built 2.2 kilometers of road, and set up toilets in the garden based on an investment of over 400,000 yuan.


Tourists take photos in the persimmon garden of Liuzhai town, Nandan county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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