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Recommended tourist routes of Donglan-Bama-Fengshan area
Updated: 2022-10-24

Donglan county, Bama Yao autonomous county, and Fengshan county of Hechi have been designated as the hometown of longevity in China. In recent years, a 30 minute transportation economic circle in the Donglan-Bama-Fengshan area has begun to take shape with the construction of the Bama international longevity and healthcare tourist attraction and of related transportation infrastructure.

Here are recommended tourist attractions in the area.

Bama: Ming River, Bainiaoyan, Changshou village, Fufu Lake, Poyue village, Jiazhuan township, Baimo Cave

Fengshan: Sanmen Sea Scenic Area, Poxin village, Bala Monkey Mountain

Donglan: Donglan Martyrs Cemetery, Wei Baqun Memorial Hall, Lenin Rock, Kuixing Tower, Wei Baqun's Former Residence, and Heroic Literature of Zhuang Autonomous Region


Bama Cifu Lake. [Photo provided by the publicity department of Bama Yao autonomous county]

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