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Hechi witnesses historic changes in past decade
Updated: 2022-10-20


Duonu Community, Lihu Yao township, Nandan county is a relocation site for poverty alleviation. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Hechi has witnessed historic changes in the decade since the 18th CPC National Congress.

A total of 765,200 poverty-stricken people, 817 poverty-stricken villages and 10 poverty-stricken counties and districts were lifted out of poverty.

Hechi has also optimized its industrial structure and the city's gross regional product has exceeded 100 billion yuan ($13.8 billion). It has focused on the key industries of non-ferrous metals, cocoon and silk, food and medicine. Its scale of silkworm production has maintained first place in China for the past 17 years and it won the title of "new silk capital of China".

Infrastructure in Hechi has been comprehensively upgraded as well. The municipal administrative center was relocated from Jinchengjiang to Yizhou. The integration of Jincheng and Yizhou and the regional integration of Donglan, Bama and Fengshan were accelerated. The total length of expressways extended to 690 kilometers, and the transportation system, such as airports and waterway transportation, hav been improved.

Hechi has also achieved remarkable results in its transformation toward green development. The city's forest coverage rate increased from 68.73 percent to 71.54 percent, and its environmental air quality and surface water quality now rank first in China.

The soft power and influence of Hechi culture has continued to increase. The construction of the Bronze Drum Culture (Hechi) Ecological Protection Experimental Zone has been steadily promoted, and the influence of red culture, Liu Sanjie's ballad culture, longevity culture, and minority culture have been further enhanced.

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