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Hechi contributes experience to rural vitalization efforts
Updated: 2022-10-12

In the past decade, Hechi has remarkable achievements in its fight against poverty and created a number of experience models with Hechi characteristics that are contributing to the country's rural vitalization efforts.

It has achieved the goals set out by the agricultural 10 million-level industrial project proposed by the Hechi municipal people's government and the CPC Hechi municipal committee to develop 3 million mu (200,000 hectares) of walnuts, 2 million pigs, 1.5 million beef cattle and mutton sheep, 1.5 million mu of oil tea, as well as 1 million mu of fruit, sugarcane, mulberries, and chestnuts, while also establishing a freshwater ecological breeding and selenium-rich agricultural product base.

As a result, the development scale of its five major industries of silkworms, beef cattle and mutton sheep, walnuts, oil tea, as well as freshwater aquaculture leads the region and the country. The project's success has lead to it being selected as autonomous-region-level and national typical industrial poverty alleviation cases.

Hechi has also vigorously cultivated a silkworm cocoon and silk industry cluster, striving to build a "new silk capital of China" that radiates around the world. The scale of the silkworm industry in the city has ranked first among cities in China for 17 consecutive years.

The city's beef cattle and mutton sheep raising and marketing volume rank first in Guangxi, forming a new industrial pattern. More than 2,000 agricultural demonstration zones with modern characteristics at all levels have also been built.

Hechi has consistently made innovations to its poverty alleviation and relocation models. It has completed the construction of more than 40,000 sets of resettlement housing, benefiting more than 170,000 people that had previously lived in deep mountain areas. It has also implemented follow-up service projects, including grass-roots organization construction, infrastructure support, public facilities support, training and employment, industry development, culture and sports, as well as social governance.


The Balie immigration area in Fengshan county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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