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13th Guangxi (Hechi) Garden Expo Park starts trial operation
Updated: 2022-09-02


The bright and charming night view of Hechi Garden Expo Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

On Aug 20, the 13th Guangxi (Hechi) Garden Expo Park was put into trial operation, attracting visitors with its stunning appearance.

Designated as an autonomous-region-level forest unit by Guangxi, Hechi is also an important natural barrier providing ecological security in the lower reaches of the Pearl River. To date, the city has achieved a balance of arable land occupation and compensation for 22 consecutive years, planting 332,000 mu (22,133 hectares) of trees, with a forest coverage rate of 71.54 percent.

Relying on the advantages of its ecological resources, the project is an important action to promote green development and build an ecological civilization demonstration area. It also serves as a Hechi model to practice the concept that "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains."

Hechi will build Yizhou New District into a new natural and ecological city, a new hub for green industries, a new economic growth pole, as well as a new cultural center of Hechi. Located in the core area of Yizhou New District, Hechi Garden Expo Park aims to establish a natural ecological and intelligent technology park benchmark integrating expo, tourism, leisure, and government services.

The park has set up functional areas, such as the main entrance landscape area, the Hechi culture exhibition area, the Guangxi garden display area, the leisure and happy landscape area, the water island ecological experience area, as well as the mountain healthcare experience area.

After it fully begins operation, the park will comprehensively display the national culture, the essence of garden architecture, and the latest achievements of gardening in Guangxi, enhancing the characteristics and vitality of Hechi, as well as raising public happiness and quality of life.

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