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Bama's paddy art paintings dress up beautiful countryside
Updated: 2022-09-01

Several huge paddy art paintings in Bama Yao autonomous county were recently completed, becoming highlights of local rural tourism.

These paddy art paintings are located in Shouyuan Pastoral Complex, Baima village, Jiazhuan town, Bama Yao autonomous county, covering an area of 90 mu (6 hectares). These spectacular paintings are entitled "The 20th CPC National Congress", "Longevity Bama and Natural Oxygen Bar", and "Rural Vitalization".

Bama Shouyuan Pastoral Complex covers an area of 1,300 mu. Relying on the ecological advantages of Baima village and its concentrated fields, the project adopts the industrialized development model of "company + base + cooperative + farmers" to promote local agricultural efficiency and boost farmers' incomes.

At the same time, the project has built a characteristic pastoral leisure tourism resort, thus promoting the linkage of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, as well as creating a model of beautiful rural areas with Bama characteristics.


The paddy art paintings in Bama Shouyuan Pastoral Complex. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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