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Tourism boosts Dahua development
Updated: 2022-08-17


Dahua Yao autonomous county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Over the past 10 years, Dahua Yao autonomous county has developed its tourism industry relying on the local advantages of longevity and ecology. Currently, the county's infrastructure, urban functions, and living environment have been significantly improved.

There are about 14,000 relocated people from 16 townships in the Gujiang resettlement area of the county’s Damou town. Relying on longevity special food and folk culture, Damou town has created a variety of nighttime consumption formats such as hotels, catering, and entertainment, which have propelled the development of its night economy.

Dahong town has also bolstered the tertiary industry around it. "Damou town provides more than 3,000 jobs, which are convenient for relocated people to find jobs nearby," said Cheng Qing, head of the Dahua Dahong Town Tourism Operation Center.

According to Wei Yu, director of the culture, radio, television, sports and tourism bureau of Dahua Yao autonomous county, Damou town received 1.2 million tourists in 2021, generating about 800 million yuan ($118 million) in total tourism consumption and an operating income of about 600 million yuan.

Damou town is a demonstration of Dahua's practice to develop urbanization and folk-custom tourism. It also launched a tourism brand to enhance the town's reputation.

In recent years, Dahua has built a number of characteristic areas that integrate leisure, entertainment, gourmet, Zhuang and Yao culture, homestays, as well as folklore displays.

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