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Du'an's Yongji village boosts rural vitalization through beekeeping
Updated: 2022-08-08

In recent years, Yongji village in Yongan town, Du'an Yao autonomous county has made the beekeeping industry an important industry to boost its rural vitalization efforts and achieve common prosperity, which has produced remarkable results.


Huang Yu, a villager in Yongji village, checks the honey-making status of the bees. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Yongji village is located in the north of Yong'an town and is dominated by mountains. It has a beautiful environment, rich forest and grass resources, as well as luxuriant wildflowers, making it very suitable for beekeeping. The villagers have a tradition of beekeeping. Thanks to the good ecology, the honey produced here is golden in color, fragrant and transparent, as well as rich in trace elements that are beneficial to human health.

In the past, the self-raised bees in Yongji village were small in scale, low in yield, and low in technical level, producing unsatisfactory economic benefits. In recent years, the village introduced Duan Shenyao Bee Industry Technology Development and skilled beekeepers, as well as built two bee breeding bases. To date, the bases have developed more than 40 beehive boxes, driving more than 10 farmers to keep bees.

"In the future, we will organize beekeepers to participate in beekeeping skills training, expand the scale of beekeeping, and extend the industrial chain, promoting continuous and stable income increases, with the beekeeping industry boosting rural vitalization," said Liang Baofang, the Party branch secretary of the Yongli village.

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