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Escape summer heat in Nandan county
Updated: 2022-07-27

During the hot summer, traveling to Hechi's Nandan county to escape the summer heat and enjoy the coolness is a popular trip.

The county's average annual temperature is 16.9 C. It is also home to pastoral fields, warm springs, and beautiful terraced fields. This is the place where Baikuyao, a special branch of the Yao ethnic group, lived. It retains the unique and rich culture of the Baikuyao, which has led to it being designated a "living fossil of human civilization" by UNESCO.

Geyasigu Scenic Spot is located in Lihu Yao town in the east of Nandan county. It features ecological pastoral scenery, the wonders of karst caves, and Baikuyao folk culture.

Dongtian Liquor Culture Scenic Spot is located in Guangxi Danquan Winery, the largest liquor production base in Guangxi and a national industrial tourism demonstration site. It is a unique natural wine storage cave shaped by karst landforms.

Danlu Mountain Scenic Area is located in Wuai town. It is rich in tourism resources, including a glass plank road, a colorful glass slide, the ancient alchemy site of Danlu Mountain, and karst caves.


Danlu Mountain Scenic Area in Nandan county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Nandan Hot Spring International Tourism Resort is located in Chehe town. It is a tourism and leisure resort, with its water temperature reaching 62 C.

Baping town has charming terraced field scenery, unique food flavors, rich ethnic art, and ancient farming culture. Here, tourists can fully experience the quiet rural life.


The terraced field scenery in Baping town, Nandan county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

From July 25 to 31, the A-level tourist attractions in Nandan county, with the exception of Nandan Hot Spring International Tourism Resort, are offering -free admission for all tourists nationwide.

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