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Traditional Chinese medicine botanical garden opens in Dahua
Updated: 2022-07-19

The opening ceremony of  the Bishuilianwan Yao and Zhuang Traditional Chinese Medicine Botanical Garden in Dahua Yao autonomous was held publicly on July 17. 

It is the only medicinal botanical garden in the county. It is a highly comprehensive medicinal botanical garden integrating scientific research, eco-tourism, leisure, health care, and cultural displays.

The garden started construction in July 2018. It plans to promote the comprehensive development and utilization of the 5,000-mu (333.3 hectares) forest area with an investment of 300 to 500 million yuan ($70 million). The botanical garden has 1,260 mu of camellia oleifera, 750 mu of Chinese herbal medicine, a 100-mu mulberry picking garden, and 50 mu of agarwood. as well as more than 80 kinds of medicinal plants.


On the opening day, tourists visit the Chinese herbal medicine botanical garden. [Photo/Guangxi Daily]

The garden has opened a parent-child health science popularization sports area, a Yao and Zhuang Chinese medicine research and practice base, tent camping areas, and park roads.

According to the person in charge of the park, the park plans to  focus on creating a circular industrial chain spanning a Yao and Zhuang traditional Chinese medicine scientific research experience, leisure agricultural ecological planting, ecological and environmental protection breeding, as well as rural cultural tourism and health care. It will showcase Yao and Zhuang traditional Chinese medicine cultures, and drive the construction and development of the industrial chain project of the Hongshui River Longevity Health Resort Tourism Zone.

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