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Guangxi Guose Tiansi Industrial Park project starts construction
Updated: 2022-07-07

On July 5, the CPC Hechi Municipal Committee and Hechi municipal people's government held the Guangxi Guose Tiansi Industrial Park project groundbreaking ceremony in Guangxi Yizhou Economic and Development Zone.


The Guangxi Guose Tiansi Industrial Park project groundbreaking ceremony gets underway on July 5. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The Guangxi Guose Tiansi Industrial Park project has a total investment of 1.85 billion yuan ($275 million). The project focuses on the high-quality development of the cocoon and silk industry, and adopts innovative digital technology, artificial intelligence technology, as well as cocoon silk technology to create an intelligent industrial park.

After the project is completed, it will produce 3,000 metric tons of silk and 30 million meters of finished silk per year. The daily production volume can reach 100,000 meters of refined white silk and 100,000 meters of printed silk. It can directly provide 3,500 jobs, and it will achieve an expected annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan.

The project's launch represents an initiative to enhance the silkworm cocoon and silk industrial chain, support the growth of the rural vitalization industry, and quicken the creation of China's new silk capital. Hechi will assist in transforming the industrial park into a model for the high-quality development of ecological and circular agricultural cocoon silk in Guangxi.

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