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Nandan Expressway to open to traffic this year
Updated: 2022-07-01

On June 29, the Dengli No 1 elevated bridge on Nandan-Tian'e Expressway, the highest continuous rigid frame bridge in Guangxi, accomplished double-width closure.


On June 29, Dengli No 1 elevated bridge on Nandan-Tian'e Expressway, which is currently under construction, achieves double-width closure. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The Dengli No 1 elevated bridge is a key project for the construction of the Nandan-Tian'e Expressway. The bridge is located in Dengli village, Tian'e county. It has a planned  total length of 1,064.1 meters, and its highest pier is 131 meters. The smooth closure of the bridge is a solid step for Nandan-Tian’e Expressway to achieve the goal of opening to traffic by the end of the year.

The Nandan-Tian'e Expressway's main line is 104.9 kilometers long in total. The lack of an expressway in Tian'e county will come to an end after the project is finished. In Guangxi, the project has the longest single highway tunnel, and it has the largest calculated span of any arch bridge that has been completed or is currently being built worldwide. It is crucial for the advanced development of the new land-sea passage in Western China.

The earthwork for the expressway roadbed, the bridge pile foundation, the pier column, the tunnel excavation, the secondary lining, and the housing construction project have all been completed. Additionally, 98 percent of the beam and slab prefabrication, 97 percent of the installation, and 60 percent of the housing construction decoration projects have been completed.

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