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Huanjiang builds Miao farmhouse to help rural vitalization
Updated: 2022-06-30

Shuangle village, Si'en town, Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county is a new Miao village with 26 households and a population of 114 people. By planting fruit and building farmhouses, the county has combined beautiful rural construction with rural tourism to bolster its rural vitalization efforts.

Sien town provides seedlings and planting technical guidance to help farmers develop sugar tangerine cultivation. The local government also introduced fruit merchants to sign a purchase agreement at a protected price with farmers.

"In 2009, our per capita income was less than 600 yuan ($90), and now it exceeds 18,000 yuan," a villager named Wei Chenghui said.

The 26 Miao households in Shuangletun raised 1.35 million yuan to build the Maonan, Miao, and Yao farmland, which integrates dining, agricultural sightseeing, fruit picking, as well as folk performances.

Construction on the farmhouse started in March 2016 and was completed in December of that year, opening to the public in March 2017.

The farmhouse provides Miao specialty delicacies and fresh fruits. On major festivals or when guests visit the village, Miao villagers form a team to perform on the Lusheng, a mouth organ played by various ethnic minority groups in China and neighboring countries.

The Lusheng performance team has been awarded the title of excellent folk art team by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. To date, the annual turnover of the farmhouse is more than 900,000 yuan per year, according to Wei Yurong, deputy Party chief of Chenshuang village.


The Lusheng performance team of Shuangle village. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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