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Green development boosts Nandan’s tourism industry
Updated: 2022-06-29

Hechi's Nandan county used to be famous for its minerals, with its mineral sector once accounting for more than 80 percent of its fiscal revenue. However, the county has focused on green transformation and development in recent years, which has helped propel its  tourism industry into an important engine boosting its development.

Longxianggai Maple Apricot Scenic Spot is built on a site of abandoned mines. At present, a variety of rare plants have been planted. In addition, the scenic spot plans to invest 100 million yuan ($15 million) to make model for the integration of tourism and environmental governance in Guangxi and the whole country.

The county's commitment to green development can be seen in the environment around the factory area of Nanfang Nonferrous Metals Group. Through technological innovation, sulfur dioxide emissions is half of the national standard, while production wastewater is 100 percent recycled after undergoing treatment. In addition, most of the slags are comprehensively utilized.

Nandan's famous tourist attraction Dongtian Liquor Culture Scenic Spot is built on the basis of Danquan Winery, karst landform landscapes, and local wine making culture. To date, the project has completed an investment of 2.2 billion yuan, and has been listed as being part of the first batch of characteristic towns in Guangxi.

Utilizing Geyasigu Scenic Spot and Baikuyao folk culture, the county has implemented a relocation tourism poverty alleviation project, in which 13,500 members of the Baikuyao ethnic group have been lifted out of poverty by participating in Nandan's tourism industry.

"We are very optimistic about the prospects of the tourism industry. The county arranges a special fund for tourism development of more than 50 million yuan every year, and the fund increases year by year. A number of preferential policies have also been issued for the industrial tourism sector," an official of the tourism department of Nandan county said.

The county currently has three national 4A-level tourist attractions,  while two national 5A-level scenic spots and four national 4A-level scenic spots are being created. From January to May, the county received 1.43 million tourists, generating 1.74 billion yuan in tourism consumption.


Dongtian Liquor Culture Scenic Spot. [Photo/Guangxi Daily]

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