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Hechi-Du'an Expressway project wins national engineering award
Updated: 2022-06-28


An aerial view of the Hechi-Du'an Expressway. [Photo/]

On June 26, the Hechi-Du'an Expressway project, which is invested in and constructed by Guangxi Communications Investment Group, was awarded the National Quality Engineering Gold Award, becoming the first project in Guangxi to receive this award.

The National Quality Engineering Gold Award is the highest award in the field of engineering construction, playing an exemplary and leading role. The Hechi-Du'an Expressway project's winning this honor exemplifies Guangxi Communications Investment Group's achievements in major transportation projects, as well as represents the advanced level of Guangxi's corresponding projects.

Since its establishment in 2008, Guangxi Communications Investment Group has invested in 73 expressway projects, with a total construction mileage of 6,215.6 kilometers and a total investment of 666.92 billion yuan ($100 billion). It has newly added 3,626 km of expressway mileage in Guangxi, accounting for 70 percent of the newly added mileage in the same period in the region.

The main line of the Hechi-Du'an Expressway project has a total length of 92.3 km, with a total investment of 6.56 billion yuan. The project was open to traffic on Sept 26, 2014.

Its starting point is located in the Kenyanalong Reservoir in Hechi, which is connected to the Yizhou-Hechi Expressway, while its ending point is located in Disu town of Du'an Yao autonomous county, which is connected to the Du’an-Nanning Expressway. It adopts the two-way four-lane construction standard, while having a design speed of 100 km per hour. It is the first karst landform typical demonstration expressway in Guangxi.

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