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Maonan cultural, creative products shown in Hechi University
Updated: 2022-06-15


Maonan cultural and creative products are shown at Hechi University. [Photo/Guangxi Daily]

The 2022 graduation design exhibition of the School of Fine Arts and Design of Hechi University is being held, with several Maonan cultural and creative products attracting much attention.

The exhibition features traditional culture, regional characteristics, character IPs, and fonts, as well as 43 sets of cultural and creative products including illustrations, prints, metal, and porcelain.

Maonan culture is featured on pillows, illustrations, creative posters, mobile games shirts, bookmarks, and bowls with popular illustrations.

The minority traditional culture innovation design industry-university-research cooperation base was established by Huanjiang Maonan autonomous region and Hechi University in Chenshuang village, Si'en town in November 2020. 

By combining the advantages of university talents, local government policy resources and enterprise product market advantages, the base preserves and develops the traditional culture of ethnic minorities, boosts innovation in the ethnic cultural industry, and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of traditional Maonan ethnic culture.

An official of Hechi University said that the university will deepen cooperation with Huanjiang in the field of talent cultivation and course development in order to boost development of the local economy.

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