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Hechi volunteers teach folk culture skills to students
Updated: 2022-05-25

On May 23, Hechi's literature and art volunteers carried out the "folk literature and art entering the campus" activity.

The volunteers went to Hechi Municipal Government Kindergarten, No 2 Primary School of Jinchengjiang District, and the Hechi Vocational Education Center School to teach teachers and students folk culture skills like Mulam paper-cutting, bronze drums, as well as Cai Diao Opera. They were warmly welcomed by teachers and students.


Luo Huaqing, a literary and art volunteer from Hechi, teaches Mulam paper-cutting skills to children at a kindergarten. [Photo/Hechi Daily]


Yao Liang, a literary and art volunteer from Hechi, teaches children at a kindergarten how to play bronze drums. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

In recent years, literature and art volunteers from Hechi have gone to factories, schools, communities, as well as other places to carry out literature and art volunteer service activities. They have vigorously promoted the spirit of literature and art volunteer service, as well as passed on traditional culture to younger generations.

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