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Hechi docks with GBA construction
Updated: 2022-05-16

In recent years, Hechi has seized the opportunity of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) to establish a command and operation mechanism, as well as actively promoting relevant key tasks. 

The city has established a headquarters for the construction of the GBA. Through the command and operation mechanism, combined with the actual situation of Hechi, relevant plans will be formulated to clarify the overall requirements, as well as specific tasks for the comprehensive construction of the GBA.

Hechi will give full play to its role as an important node city and a logistics hub on the middle line of the new western land-sea corridor. It will strive to construct strong railway, highway, water transportation, civil aviation, as well as other transportation and logistics networks to improve the level of interconnection with the GBA.

The city will strengthen industrial cooperation with the GBA, create an open platform, as well as promote the co-construction and sharing of an industrial parks platform.

The city will build a strong ecological barrier and protect the ecological environment to create a mutually beneficial situation. It will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the GBA in the fields of environmental protection technology transfer and environmental projects, as well as jointly build a protective barrier for the Pearl River-Xijiang River ecosystem.

In addition, Hechi will deepen exchanges with Shenzhen in public service fields, such as education, medical care, and cultural tourism.


The Shenzhen-Bama Technology Innovation Center. [Photo/]

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