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Liu Sanjie Hometown Pastoral Complex integrates 3 industries
Updated: 2022-05-13

Liu Sanjie Hometown Pastoral Complex in Yizhou district, Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has been promoting the construction of a sugarcane production and planting zone, a sericulture industry development zone, as well as a leisure rural tourism zone, forming a new pattern of integrated development of the three industries.

Scenic spots like Gexian Bridge, Liuhe village, Liu Sanjie's former residence, and Gexian Temple in the pastoral complex have formed a rural cultural tourism experience belt with Liu Sanjie's cultural characteristics, which is an important advantage to propel its high-quality development. In addition, the pastoral complex has a good foundation and development potential for the silkworm and sugarcane industries.


The rural scenery beside the Xiajian River. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

In terms of the construction of the sericulture industry development zone, Yizhou district has developed mulberry leaf tea, mulberry wine, mulberry edible fungi, as well as other derivative products by integrating various industrial chains spanning mulberries, silkworms, fruit, fungi, and poultry.

As for the construction of the sugarcane production and planting zone, Yizhou has encouraged villagers to establish sugarcane planting professional cooperatives. It has also promoted improved sugarcane varieties and techniques, as well as developed a sugarcane recycling industry system.

To build the leisure rural tourism zone, Yizhou has encouraged and guided farmers to develop leisure agriculture projects, such as fruit and vegetable picking, pastoral sightseeing, farming experience, agricultural science popularization, as well as farmhouse entertainment, creating tourism cultural and creative products with local characteristics.

Since the establishment of the pastoral complex, Yizhou district has completed a total investment of 104.94 million yuan ($15.44 million), accounting for 92.4 percent of the total project investment.

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