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Hechi implements 77 water conservancy infrastructure projects this year
Updated: 2022-05-12

According to the Hechi water conservancy bureau, 77 construction projects in Hechi were included in the 2022 water conservancy infrastructure project as of April 30, with all of them receiving financial support from the central budget and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The projects have a total investment plan of 989.76 million yuan ($146.34 million) and have already invested 248.4 million yuan. There are 48 new projects with a total investment of 447.17 million yuan, 18 of which have already begun, and 29 ongoing projects with a total investment of 542.59 million yuan, eight of which have already been finished.

The plan is expected to speed up the construction of Shanglin Reservoir in Fengshan county and Banyang East Reservoir in Luocheng Mulam autonomous county, and promote the construction of small watershed soil and water conservation and management projects, water source protection, and rural water supply project maintenance. It will also accelerate the completion of the three major tributary treatment projects, including the Longjiang River's Yizhou district urban section and the two river sections in Hongshui River's Tian'e county urban area.

In the next step, the city will make full use of the golden period of construction to promote the construction progress of projects under construction such as the reservoir projects, and ensure that the annual goals and tasks can be completed on schedule.


Hongshui River. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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