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Hechi holds start-up activities for Q2's major projects
Updated: 2022-05-07

On April 29, Hechi held a centralized start-up activity for the major projects of the second quarter of the year, as well as the start-up activity of the Panlongwan rural vitalization cultural and tourism project in Bama Yao autonomous county.

Hechi plans to start construction on 78 projects in this quarter, with a total investment of 12.72 billion yuan ($1.91 billion) and an annual planned investment of 2.39 billion yuan.


The centralized start-up activity for the major projects of the second quarter of the year is held in Bama Yao autonomous county on April 29. [Photo/Guangxi Daily]

The Panlongwan rural vitalization cultural and tourism project is located along the Panyang River and Cifu Lake, with a planned investment of 1.55 billion yuan and a construction period of three years. The construction projects include Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Park, an international research base, a water performing arts center, a herbal medicine garden, a flower industrial park, an intangible cultural heritage street, a Yao bath hot spring base, a Yao health and leisure forest valley, a magnetic therapy center, as well as characteristic healthcare homestays. Its first phase is expected to attract more than 500,000 tourists annually and provide more than 500 jobs.

This year, the city will aim to start work on more than 1,000 projects with an investment of 100 million yuan. In addition, the city will promote more than 600 major projects at the autonomous region and municipal levels, as well as strive to complete investment of more than 56 billion yuan. The city will also regard project construction as the focus of its economic work, as well as strive to maintain the recovery and stabilization of the economy in the second quarter of the year.

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