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Du'an Yaoshan Women's Cultural and Creative Park
Updated: 2022-05-06


Du'an Yaoshan Women's Cultural and Creative Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Located in Latang village, Disu town, Hechi's Du'an Yao autonomous county, Yaoshan Women's Cultural and Creative Park opened to the public on May 3, attracting people from all ethnic groups of the county to come for sightseeing.

Jointly built by Latang village and Du'an Zhenyi Culture Communication Company, the cultural and creative park is an important incubation base for the cultural inheritance of Miluotuo, a mythical ancient song that has been circulated by the Yao ethnic group in Du'an and Bama.

The park is committed to creating cultural and creative products that combine traditional culture with modern fashion. It focuses on the dissemination of Du'an's traditional culture, the promotion of national unity and progress, as well as the display and teaching of intangible cultural heritage skills.

The opening of the park can help Du'an build the cultural brand of Miluotuo, create a demonstration county for Guangxi's holistic tourism development and national unity and progress, as well as promote rural vitalization and industrial prosperity.

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