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Bama's health resort industry booms
Updated: 2022-04-27

In the hometown of longevity,  Bama Yao autonomous county, over 100,000 tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the comfortable environment and explore the secrets of health and longevity every year.

With the continuous upgrading of people's travel desires and health needs, healthcare tourism is receiving more and more attention, and it has become a new way of exploring tourism innovation and development.

The health resort industry in the Bama Cifu Lake Scenic Area is emerging, and it has become an ideal resort for tourists to visit and recuperate.

Bama has formed a healthcare tourism area along the banks of the Panyang River. At the same time, Bama created healthcare businesses such as cultural homestays, healthy towns, healthy residential communities, health complexes, and health industrial parks.

In order to provide higher-level medical services to tourists, Bama cooperated with Shenzhen, Guangdong province to set up a pilot area, combining the advanced scientific health research resources in Shenzhen with Bama's unique natural environment.

In the future, Bama will rely on its regional cultural advantages to develop Zhuang and Yao characteristic healthcare experience tours, and build traditional medicine cultural parks, resort hotels, and timeshare bases for large elderly care institutions, thus building Bama into a world-class health tourism destination.

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