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Red Phoenix Pastoral Complex in Jinchengjiang district
Updated: 2022-04-24

The Red Phoenix Pastoral Complex is located in Hechi town and Wuxu town, Jinchengjiang district, Hechi city, with a planned area of 34,200 mu (2,280 hectares), and a planned investment of 320 million yuan ($49 million).

The complex aims to create a model of an autonomous region-level pastoral complex and a display window for red culture in Hechi city based on modern agriculture, which features red culture and is driven by rural leisure tourism.


An aerial photo of a corner of the Red Phoenix Pastoral Complex. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Hechi town area, the core area of the pastoral complex project, is rich in red cultural resources. The town will plan tourist routes for the Seventh Red Army's historical sites, and build red education, research and training bases.

The town will also build an 80-mu orchid planting base in Dalu village, providing tourists with more leisure tourism destinations.

In addition, the pastoral complex will enhance its infrastructure and public service facilities to carry out rural living environment improvement actions, and develop an environment-friendly tourism industry.

Up to now, the pastoral complex project has invested 189.67 million yuan in construction funds, and the investment completion rate is 58.96 percent. There are 63 overall planning projects, and 23 projects have been completed.

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