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Green plums in Huanjiang enter their ripening season
Updated: 2022-04-22

Green plums recently entered their ripening season and the green plum orchard in Changmei township, Hechi's Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county has ushered in a bumper harvest.


Green plums in Huangjiang are about to ripen. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

"The green plums can be fully picked in about 10 days," said Qin Huan, the deputy mayor of Changmei township, on April 18. Qin added that this year's green plums are growing well, with an output expected to exceed more than 1,000 metric tons.

At present, the township has a planted area of about 12,000 mu (800 hectares) for its green plums. A local agricultural products company received 600 tons of green plums last year for processing and making preserved green plums. Its preserved green plums products will also be made available in the near future.


The green plum preserved products produced by a local company in Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

In addition, the township cultivated the green plum nectar industry through the establishment of the Guangdong-Guangxi cooperation with Shenzhen's Bao'an district. It can produce honey under its green plum trees, with the bees helping the green plums pollinate. This industrial model will further promote the development of the green plum industry.

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