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Du'an Beautiful Village Pastoral Complex
Updated: 2022-04-19

Du'an Beautiful Village Pastoral Complex is located in Yongren village, Banling township, Du'an Yao autonomous county, Hechi, with a planned area of 4.31 square kilometers and a construction investment of 276.43 million yuan ($43.38 million).

Taking modern agriculture and rural tourism as its leading industries, the project aims to build a comprehensive rural development model integrating modern agriculture, leisure tourism, as well as pastoral communities.


A riverside village in Du'an Beautiful Village Pastoral Complex. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The complex has a "three districts and two belts" layout. Among them, the "three areas" are a reception area, a production area, and a landscaped leisure area. The "two belts" are the beautiful highway landscape belt, as well as the Diaojiang River ecological scenery and recreation belt.

In addition, the complex relies on local resources like high-quality rice, Yaoshan cattle and sheep, high-end fish, characteristic planting and breeding, as well as Yao culture to create a demonstration model of pastoral complexes in Guangxi that integrate industrial, regional, and cultural characteristics.

To date, the pastoral complex has completed an investment of 94.6 million yuan, accounting for 34.23 percent of the total investment. 

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