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Fishery Joy Pastoral Complex in Dahua Yao autonomous county
Updated: 2022-04-01

The Fishery Joy Pastoral Complex is located in Beijing town, Hechi's Dahua Yao autonomous county. With a total construction investment of 160.73 million yuan ($25.29 million), the complex has a planned area of 4.6 square kilometers and consists of two administrative villages, Nase community and Handa village.

The pastoral complex will be built into an international leisure fishing resort, a model demonstration area for national rural revitalization, a new benchmark for Guangxi's fishery pastoral complex, and a pilot demonstration area for the integrated development of the three industries in Hechi.


Hongshuihe-ASEAN International Fishing Base Service Center. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Dahua, known as the "world's hometown of Yao culture," contains a wealth of cultural resources, including fishery culture, ethnic groups' folk culture, landscape culture, and festival culture. By 2023, the project will be transformed into a landscape pastoral resort integrating ecological recycling fisheries, a product processing industry, a recreational fishery tourist industry, and a cultural experience center, based on these cultural resources.

To date, 135.85 million yuan has been invested, accounting for 84.52 percent of the total anticipated investment. It has constructed a 1,000-mu (66.7 hectares) aquaculture base and a 500-mu recreational fishing base, as well as a tourist service center, the Hongshui River-ASEAN International Fishing Base, the Flying Fish Square, a fisheries culture display hall, a pollution treatment center, and several waterfront homestays.

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