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Beautiful Hechi
Updated: 2022-03-24


Hechi is a well-known Chinese longevity city and the birthplace of Liu Sanjie, a notable female folk singer from Guangxi's Zhuang ethnic group. Not only is there a lovely natural environment, but also a lovely humanistic culture.

There are limitless green mountains and gurgling streams in Hechi, which can help people forget about their trip fatigue. The excellent ecological environment has not only attracted migratory groups of people, but also piqued the interest of explorers.

This is an ethnically diverse city and rich in intangible cultural heritages. The Zhuang Maguai Festival, bronze drum, Maonan flower bamboo hat, Mulam grass dragon dance, Maonan drama "Feitao," as well as local delicacies and ethnic song and dance performances, are all intangible cultural heritage items.

Hechi is also a city with a long history of revolution. Legends of heroes are told at red cultural scenic spots such as Lenin Cave and the Kuixing Tower of the Red Army's seventh army.

The Zhuang's traditional Sanyuesan Festival is approaching. Beautiful Hechi will host a variety of events to welcome visitors from all around the world!

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