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Red Culture, Sweet Source Pastoral Complex in Donglan county
Updated: 2022-03-22


The Jiangping pastoral scenery. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The Red Culture and Sweet Source Pastoral Complex is located in Donglan county, Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, covering an area of about 25.2 square kilometers. It is a complex rich in characteristic industries, as well as red tourism, leisure, and health care resources.

Donglan county is the birthplace of the peasant revolutionary movement in Guangxi. It has a rich red culture and many red tourism relics. The pastoral complex has fully made use of the local red culture and aims to build itself into a national pastoral complex integrating agriculture, culture, as well as tourism in three years.

The complex will build a red cultural tourism circle focusing on Wuhui town's Baxue village and Dongli village, as well as build a leisure tourism belt along the Dongping River.

The complex includes 93 construction projects. After completion, various industries will achieve an annual output value of 616 million yuan ($97 million), including 244 million yuan for the rice industry, 65 million yuan for the fruit and vegetable industry, 60 million yuan for the tea industry, 187 million yuan for the aquaculture industry, as well as 60 million yuan for the leisure and tourism industry. 

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