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Luocheng Mulam Daoxiang Pastoral Complex
Updated: 2022-03-14

Luocheng Mulam Daoxiang Pastoral Complex is located in Shuangmeng village, Xiaochang'an town, Luocheng Mulam autonomous county, Hechi. It covers a planned area of 21,900 mu (14,600 hectares), with 55 construction projects currently planned that boast a total investment of 380 million yuan ($60 million).


An aerial view of Shuangmeng village. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The pastoral complex has unique pastoral scenery of rice paddy fields and is rich in Mulam culture, as well as ancient villages culture. It focuses on the rice and shrimp polyculture industry, as well as the pig breeding industry.

Supporting infrastructure has been built, spanning agricultural product processing, warehousing and cold chain, logistics and distribution, transaction and display, as well as information service, thus improving the industrial chain.

"I am a native of Luocheng. Now I am very confident to start a business in my hometown," said Qin Chenghe, the head of a local cooperative mainly engaged in selenium-enriched rice cultivation, rice processing, and sales. The cooperative plans to expand and strengthen the rice industry, providing more jobs for nearby villagers.

The pastoral complex also makes use of the north-south water system of Shuangmeng village, as well as combines the farmland and village landscape along the river to create an ecological agricultural tourism landscape belt. 

It also encourages residents to participate in rural tourism construction, as well as guides them to create characteristic tourism cultural and creative products to help people increase their incomes.

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