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Hechi opens Donglan-Bama-Fengshan integrated development office
Updated: 2022-01-29

On Jan 26, the unveiling ceremony of the leading group office for Donglan-Bama-Fengshan integrated development was held in Hechi.


The unveiling ceremony of the leading group office for Donglan-Bama-Fengshan integrated development. [Photo/]

Donglan county, Bama Yao autonomous county, and Fengshan county are three counties that still lag behind in the city. Promoting the integrated development of the Donglan-Bama-Fengshan area is an important measure for Hechi to promote coordinated development and further its high-quality development.

Following the concept that "clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets," the city will build a green development pilot zone, while also aiming to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation efforts to achieve common prosperity.

The main functions of the office are: implementing the decisions of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government; implementing the deployment arrangements of the leading group; as well as fully promoting the coordinated development and high-quality development of the Donglan-Bama-Fengshan area through its daily work.

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