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Hechi opens 4 new promotional tourist bus lines
Updated: 2022-01-29

On Jan 26, Hechi held an opening ceremony for the tourist bus lines of  the Donglan-Bama-Fengshan regional integration construction, marking the official kick-off of the city's Donglan-Bama-Fengshan integration construction. 

The four tourist bus lines are named as the "Donglan-Bama-Fengshan Red Tour," the "Donglan-Bama-Fengshan Revolutionary Footprint Tour," the "Panyang River Longevity Tour," and the "World Geopark Ecological Health Care Tour." A total of 106 stops are available with 62 of them being scenic spots making a tourist loop among the three counties. These tourist bus lines all have low-fare rates to benefit people along the way.

Hechi's Donglan county, Bama Yao autonomous county, and Fengshan county are famous international longevity and health tourism destinations. The tourism resources there are very rich with a unique natural ecological environment and peculiar and rich folk customs.

In recent years, the people's living standards, infrastructure conditions, and economic and social development in the three counties have greatly improved. However, compared with other counties in Guangxi and Hechi, the economic and social development of these three counties still lags behind with the basic conditions still being weak.

As a result, the local government made a decision to accelerate the integration construction focusing on promoting the three counties in becoming a new pole that drives the city's economic growth and upgrading.


The Donglan-Bama-Fengshan integration construction bus. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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