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Nandan Geyasigu Pastoral Complex to drive local development
Updated: 2022-01-26

Nandan Geyasigu Pastoral Complex is located in Hechi's Nandan county. Its leading industries will be ecological rice and rural tourism, which are supplemented by the fruit and vegetable planting, Baiku Yao culture, as well as leisure agriculture industries. Its construction scope includes five administrative villages and communities, namely Layi village, Encun village, Duonu community, Yaoli village, as well as Lihu community, with a planned area of 26,300 mu (17,533 hectares). The total planned investment of the project is 1.39 billion yuan ($220 million), and the annual output value after completion will reach 2 billion yuan.

The project is planned and laid out according to the "one belt, four valleys, and three gardens" model. One belt refers to the Yao customs and ecotourism experience belt between Nandan and Libo; the four valleys refer to Daoxiang Valley, Hexiang Valley, Yaoxiang Valley, as well as Jiaoxiang Valley; while the three gardens refer to Daoxiang Huahai Garden, National Customs Experience Garden, and Yaowangzhai Romantic Garden.


A design rendering of Daoxiang Huahai Garden. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

To date, 1.13 billion yuan has been invested to build Yaowang village, Baiku Yao Nationality Craft Inheritance Exhibition Base, and the immigrant resettlement tourist area. The 1,000-mu ecological rice base is beginning to take shape. The introduction of water chestnuts, strawberries, as well as other picking and experimental agriculture has been successful, while the ecological breeding model of local famous, special, and excellent livestock breeds like Nandan Yao chickens and black pigs is becoming mature.

After its completion, the rural tourism scenic spots, facilities, and services will be comprehensively improved. In addition, innovations will be made in the smart agriculture, creative agriculture, cultural tourism, and rural tourism industries to infuse them with the unique local characteristics of Nandan. The complex is expected to receive over 1 million tourists per year, generating job opportunities for more than 2,000 people, and increasing the per capita income of farmers by 5,000 yuan per year.

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