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Nandan's Laxi Wetland Park receives national acceptance
Updated: 2021-12-31


An aerial view of Nandan Laxi National Wetland Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The State Forestry Administration issued the "Notice on the Acceptance Results of the 2021 Pilot National Wetland Park" Dec 29 and Nandan county's Laxi National Wetland Park is the only wetland park in Guangxi that has won the acceptance, becoming Nandan county's second national wetland park.

Laxi National Wetland Park, which is comprised mostly of Laxi Reservoir, is located in Manchang town, Nandan county, Hechi, and stretches over a total area of 561.48 hectares. It has invested 19.6 million yuan ($3.08 million) in wetland protection and restoration, educational issues, scientific research, scientific data monitoring and infrastructure construction.

Laxi Reservoir has an abundance of water and is closely interdependent with the mountains, forests and farmlands. It is rich in Zhuang, Baiku Yao and other ethnic groups' cultures. Also, it is a representative of wetlands with karst landscapes in Southwest China.

Furthermore, the park is rich with wildlife and biodiversity, and currently contains six species of wild plants that are protected at the national level, 30 species of wild animals that are under State priority conservation and 55 species of rare or nearly extinct wild animals.

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