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Fengshan enveloped in sea of fog
Updated: 2021-12-08

Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, Hechi's Fengshan county has been foggy recently. The vast clouds descended onto Fengshan, forming a magnificent foggy landscape several hundred meters wide. Small villages and mountains look like islands floating above a white sea.


An aerial view of Fengshan county, which is enveloped in a sea of fog. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The forest coverage rate in Fengshan county now stands at 83.84 percent, and the forest area of the county is about 2.1 million mu (140,000 hectares). The city also has a dense underground river system. Many rivers, such as the Panyang River and Hongshui River, originate in the area. The thick water vapor and forest vegetation mean that seas of fog often form in autumn and winter. The foggy season here lasts four to six months a year, attracting many outdoor travel and photography enthusiasts.

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