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7 winter tourist routes in Hechi
Updated: 2021-12-02

1. World longevity culture tour 

Hechi is China's first prefecture-level city of longevity. The secret of longevity here is waiting to be discovered. Recommended scenic spots for those looking to explore longevity culture include Bama Renshouyuan Scenic Area, Bama Dongtianfudi Scenic Spot, Fengshan Sanmenhai Scenic Area, Hongshui River First Bay and Donglan Moon River Changshou village.

2. Ethnic customs tour

Hechi is the hometown of Liu Sanjie - a fairy singer of the Zhuang ethnic group. The city has five ethnic minority autonomous counties and 11 ethnic minority townships. It's truly a place of rich ethnic customs. Recommended scenic spots include Luocheng Cotton Tiankeng Scenic Area, Liu Sanjie's Hometown Scenic Spot, Huaiyuan Ancient Town, Colorful Maonan Scenic Area and Dongtianjiuhai Scenic Area.

3. Bronze drum culture experience tour

The bronze drum is a precious part of Hechi's cultural heritage made by ethnic minority groups such as the Zhuang and Yao in South China. It has a history of more than 2,000 years, symbolizing the worship of the sun and thirst for rain. Tourists can visit various protection bases and exhibition halls in Hechi to experience bronze drum culture.

4. Karst landform adventure and study tour

Hechi is home to many tourist attractions and is famous for its typical karst landforms. Famous karst scenic spots include Du'an Subterranean River National Geopark, Hongshui River Baili Gallery, Fengshan Sanmenhai Scenic Area, Niujiaozhai Waterfalls Scenic Area and Mulun Karst Eco-tourism Area.


Aerial view of Du'an Subterranean River National Geopark. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

5. Hongshui River tour

The Hongshui River is the mother river of Hechi. Famous scenic spots beside the Hongshui River include Longtan Grand Canyon National Forest Park, Hongshui River First Bay and Hongshui River Baili Gallery.

6. Red scenic spots tour

Hechi is rich in red tourist attraction. Tourists can visit Hechi Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Hechi Reorganization Parade Memorial Hall and Zhuangxiang General Memorial Garden to study red culture and commemorate revolutionary martyrs.

7. Rural revitalization tour

Hechi has made great achievements in rural revitalization. Tourists can experience what the Hechi people have done to revitalize rural areas. Recommended spots include the Chinese Villagers Self-governance Exhibition Center, Yizhou's Hezhai village, and Nandan Manjiang Farming Culture Scenic Area.

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