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Hechi sees booming tourism market during Mid-Autumn Festival
Updated: 2021-09-23

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the city of Hechi received a total of 793,300 tourists and achieved a total tourism consumption of about 570 million yuan ($88 million), according to statistics from the Hechi culture, tourism, sports, radio and television bureau.

In order to carry forward its excellent traditional culture, Hechi launched a series of festival celebration activities, which attracted many tourists.

In Yizhou district's Huaiyuan Ancient Town, local specialties, folk culture shows, and Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Festival celebration activities provided a strong festival atmosphere to tourists. In Nandan county's Baping village, views of the colorful sea of flowers and rice fields enhances the travel experience for many tourists.


Tourists watch a craftsman make traditional sugar figures in Huaiyuan Ancient Town. [Photo/Hechi Daily]  

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