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3 towns in Hechi receive top 100 towns in Western China honor

Updated: 2021-09-17

The list of the top 100 townships in Western China in 2020 was released recently. Three towns in the city of Hechi are on the list, namely Chehe town, Dachang town, and Chengguan town in Hechi's Nandan county.

The "China Township Comprehensive Competitiveness Report 2020" was jointly issued by the Competitiveness Think Tank, China Economic Herald and Beijing Sino-Singapore Urban Planning and Design Institute in Beijing on Sept 8.

According to the report, there are 29 towns in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region that were listed in the top 100 towns in Western China, and the number ranked first out of all western provinces.

Data shows that the average permanent population of the top 100 towns in Western China is 81,300; the average public fiscal revenue is 508 million yuan ($78.6 million), an increase of 43 million yuan from the previous year; the average number of industrial enterprises is 132; and the average number of industrial enterprises above designated size is 21, an increase of two over the previous year.

The comprehensive competitiveness evaluation of China's towns and villages uses the townships around China as research subjects, and the evaluation standard includes economic scale, economic vitality, and per capita income level. 

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