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4 recommended routes in Hechi for summer vacation
Updated: 2021-09-13

1. Five-day tour in world longevity city

Hechi is China's first prefecture-level city of longevity. People living here have healthy diets and lifestyles as well as a peaceful state of mind, so it's no wonder why people have been recording a longer life from ancient times to the present. The benefits of longevity here await eager explorers.

Recommended route:

Day 1: Hongshui River First Bay - Donglan Moon River Changshou village

Day 2: Bama Crystal Palace - Baimo Cave - Changshou village - Renshouyuan Scenic Area

Day 3: Fengshan Sanmenhai Scenic Area - Fengshan National Geopark Museum - Fengshan Monkey Mountain Rural Tourism Area

Day 4: Longtan Hydropower Station - Chuandonghe Yanzihu Scenic Area


Fengshan Sanmenhai Scenic Area – a typical karst landform. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

2. Four-day tour of ethnic customs

There are 47 ethnic groups living in Hechi, such as the Zhuang, Han, Yao, Mulam, Maonan, Miao, Dong, and Sui. The city has five ethnic minority autonomous counties and 11 ethnic minority townships. The ethnic minority population accounts for 85.23 percent of the total population. The folk customs of the Baikuyao in Nandan county have been named the "living fossils of human folk culture" by UNESCO. It's truly a place of rich ethnic customs.

Recommended route:

Day 1: Luocheng Cotton Tiankeng Scenic Area - Changsheng Cave Scenic Area - Yizhou Longzhou Island Eco-tourism Resort

Day 2: Yizhou Xanadu Scenic Spot - Liu Sanjie's Hometown Scenic Spot - Huaiyuan Ancient Town - Yizhou Lalang Ecological Leisure Tourism Zone

Day 3: Niujiaozhai Waterfalls Scenic Area - Mulun Karst Eco-tourism Area - Small Three Gorges Scenic Area

Day 4: Dongtianjiuhai Scenic Area - Geyasigu Scenic Area - Nandan Hot Spring Scenic Area

Day 5: Danlu Mountain Scenic Spot


Geyasigu Scenic Area boasts a Chinese Baikuyao customary garden. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

3. Three-day tour of the Hongshui River

Hechi is home to many waterways. There is the magnificent Hongshui River, Panyang River, Xiajian River, and the Longjiang River. On both sides of the Hongshui River, the karst features are obvious, presenting the feeling of being in a painting.

Recommended route:

Day 1: Dahua Qimei Water City Scenic Area - Hongshui River Baili Gallery - Dahua Qibailong National Geopark

Day 2: Hongshui River First Bay - Du'an Sandaowan International Tourism Resort

Day 3: Du'an Chengjiang National Wetland Park


Ottelia flowers bloom in Du'an Chengjiang National Wetland Park. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

4. Three-day tour of the red boutique line

Hech is rich in red tourism resources. There are four national key cultural relics protection units, one national patriotism education demonstration base, 38 autonomous region-level key cultural relics protection units, and 17 autonomous region-level patriotism education demonstration bases.

Recommended route:

Day 1: Hechi Revolutionary Memorial Hall - Hechi Reorganization Parade Memorial Hall

Day 2: Donglan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery - Weibaqun Memorial Hall - Guangxi Peasant Movement Training Institute - Kuixing Building - Zhuangxiang General Memorial Garden - Donglan Moon River Changshou village

Day 3: Bama Xishan Red Tourist Area - Bama Longevity Museum

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