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Nandan Baping village in full summertime bloom
Updated: 2021-07-16

Lotus flowers in Baping village, Hechi's Nandan county are now in full bloom, and await their appreciation from tourists.

Tourists can take a stroll on the wooden plank road, walk along a lake full of beautiful lotus flowers, and soak up the beautiful scenery that surrounds the area, which is a great way to cool down the body and soul during the midsummer days.

The best place to appreciate lotus flowers is at the Nandan Baping Flower Sea Scenic Area, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers and boasts a pleasant climate. In addition to strolling along a sea of flowers, there are also family activities, waterfront leisure activities, and fruits and vegetables picking.


A lotus flower in Baping village, Hechi's Nandan county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

The scenic spot won the honors of the National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Site and Guangxi Four-star Rural Tourism Area in 2015.

Baping Terrace Scenic Area is near the Baping Flower Sea Scenic Area. Tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of the terraced fields in different seasons. They can also stay in a farmhouse, taste farmers' homecooked meals and fruit tea, and experience the tranquility of countryside life.

Come with your family and friends to appreciate the beauty of summer!


The Nandan Baping Terrace Scenic Area. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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