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Hechi continues to optimize business environment
Updated: 2021-07-07

The city of Hechi has implemented multiple measures to promote the quality and efficiency of government services and create a good business environment.

As of June 30, the Hechi Municipal Service Center had delivered 478,895 business services, and the overall customer service satisfaction rate was 99.99 percent.

Hechi has changed its service model of setting up single service windows according to department, and now provides customized and one-stop services. As of June 30, one-stop services account for 95.84 percent of the city's total services. Hechi has avoided repeated registration and repeated submission of materials and shortened the approval time limit in order to improve the convenience of government services.

The city has optimized its online business processes to help those enterprises seeking services online. The register, transfer, change, and cancellation of real estate registration services can be handled online. By June 30, the number of online services was 425,106, accounting for 88.77 percent of the total business services.

The service center has set up windows for cross-city and cross-regional business. Hechi has signed agreements with Xiamen city in Fujian province and 13 other cities in Guangdong province, Jiangxi province, Hunan province and Guizhou province, and it will promote an agreement with Shenzhen's Baoan district. People and enterprises can get business services related to these areas in Hechi.

In addition, Hechi's bank personnel can provide account opening services conveniently at the service center. Six banks including the Bank of China have entered the service hall to handle related business. Thus, enterprises will be able to handle business more efficiently.

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