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Hechi makes music film to promote Maonan culture
Updated: 2021-06-25

Hechi published a musical film named "Maonan Feelings" on June 23, which was jointly produced by the Hechi ethnic and religious affairs committee and the Hechi Yizhou Vocational Education Center.

The film has been in production since July 13, 2019. After nearly two years of shooting and production, it was finished in 2021 before the Fenlong Festival - an important traditional festival held every year after summer solstice, during which Maonan people pray for a good harvest.

The song was written and composed by Yao Liang, a teacher from Hechi Yizhou Vocational Education Center, and sung by a young singer from Guangxi named Hua Qingyan. This song maintains the original flavor of a Maonan folk song, and integrates characteristics of modern music arrangements.

Scenes in the music film include the Fenlong Festival ceremony, traditional singing and dance performances, traditional Maonan sports competitions, and intangible cultural heritage projects such as bamboo hat weaving and Nuo mask-carving. Audience can gain a deeper understanding of traditional Maonan culture through watching the film.

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