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Luocheng karst peaks rise from magnificent landscape
Updated: 2021-06-22

These karst peaks are located in Huaiqun town in Hechi's Luocheng Mulam autonomous county. A huge natural arch, with a height of over 100 meters and a width of 30 meters, frames a magnificent and marvelous landscape. The top of the hole is curved; various stalactites hang down from the arch, and the Jian River flows through the gap. The landscape is so graceful it can make tourists feel light-headed.


An aerial photo of the karst peaks in Luocheng Mulam autonomous county, Hechi. [Photo/IC]


Hechi's karst peaks rise from a magnificent landscape. [Photo/IC]


Various stalactites hang down from the arch amid the karst peaks . [Photo/IC]


The Jian River flows through the gap created by the arch. [Photo/IC]

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