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Huanjiang fruit and vegetable planting increases farmers' incomes
Updated: 2021-06-10


Tomatoes ripen in Huanjiang's Tangwan village fruit and vegetable planting base. [Photo/Guangxi Daily]

Tomatoes are ripening in Huanjiang's Tangwan village fruit and vegetable planting base - its first vegetable harvest of the year. Workers are busy picking the ripe tomatoes and packing them up for market.

Tangwan village fruit and vegetable planting base was constructed in August 2019 and put into production in December of the same year. Covering an area of 17 mu (1.13 hectares), the base focuses on planting agricultural products such as tomatoes and cantaloupes.

The base is expected to reach an annual output value of over a million yuan ($156,636) in 2021. The fruit and vegetables produced in the base are high quality and can be sold at a good price. Meanwhile, it has provided job opportunities for local farmers, and has created more income for the village collective, said Su Shiwei, who is in charge of the planting base.

Tangwan village planting base is not the only example in Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county. By the end of 2020, the county had sown an area of 321,400 mu of grain, 198,600 mu of mulberry orchards, 140,000 mu of fruit, 121,000 mu of oil tea and 140,000 mu of vegetables. Three autonomous region-level agricultural demonstration bases were constructed, and 27 agricultural products were recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. Huanjiang farmers' income has been greatly improved by planting industries.




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