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Animal husbandry helps Nandan shake off poverty
Updated: 2021-06-04

Hechi city's Nandan county has accelerated the development of its animal husbandry industries this year, in order to help consolidate its achievements in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

There are currently 690 pig breeding farmers in the county, 219 of whom have shaken off poverty. The number of farmers raising beef cattle is 400, of whom 21 have escaped poverty. Mutton sheep breeding farmers number 132, and 14 of them are no longer in poverty. In total, the number of pigs in the county stands at 65,200, the number of cattle is around 29,100, and the county's sheep number over 6,600.

The county has 400,000 mu (26,667 hectares) of natural grass hills and grassy slopes, which can provide abundant foraging land for beef cattle. Meanwhile, the county has a grain planting area of more than 300,000 mu, and the annual crop straw output exceeds 248,000 metric tons, providing superior beef cattle breeding conditions.

Hybridization between superior beef cattle and local cattle can achieve breed improvements, enhance adaptability and shorten feeding times. In order to enhance the market competitiveness of the Nandan cattle industry, all towns in the county have carried out beef cattle crossbreeding work.

In addition, the county has arranged technicians to carry out guidance for breeding enterprises, in order to improve the production management level, enhance the ability to resist risks, and improve economic benefits.

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