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Bama Yao autonomous county
Updated: 2021-05-24


A night view of Hechi's Bama Yao autonomous county. [Photo/Hechi Daily]    

Bama Yao autonomous county is located in the northwest of Hechi city. Covering an area of 1,976 square kilometers, it is home to 236,152 people.

A large number of the local population are from 12 ethnic groups, including the Yao, Zhuang, and Miao. The number from the Yao minority is 53,500.

With a reputation for being a "natural oxygen bar" thanks to its clean air, the county's forest coverage rate is around 70 percent. Due to its natural environment, local residents often live longer, which has led to the county being designated a "longevity town". According to statistics from 2019, there are currently 83 residents over the age of 100. The proportion of centenarians in Bama puts the county first among the world's top five areas for longevity.

The area also boasts a rich cultural heritage and numerous tourist attractions. Visitors can experience the traditional Yao Zhuzhu Festival and Zhuang Sanyuesan Festival, as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery of scenic spots such as Panyang River Scenic Area, Renshouyuan Scenic Area and Dongtianfudi Scenic Area.

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