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Hechi hosts tourism festival
Updated: 2021-04-27

A festival got underway in the village of Xiaqiao in Hechi on April 24 aimed at promoting the area as a tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors.

With the largest bamboo forest in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Xiaqiao is a popular tourist attraction with beautiful natural scenery, unique folk customs, and breathtaking landscapes.

During the opening ceremony of the festival, local residents staged a spectacular art performance. Featuring songs, dances, and an ethnic customs show, the patriotic show highlighted the great changes that have taken place in rural areas of Jinchengjiang district, where the village is located.

The festival is also set to feature more singing and dancing, as well as a competition and photography activity over the coming days.

It is hoped that the event will attract new visitors to the area, benefitting local residents and raising the profile of the city.


Performers pictured at the opening ceremony. [Photo/ Hechi Daily]    

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