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Four self-driving travel routes created
Updated: 2021-02-05

The Hechi culture, tourism, sports, radio and television bureau has launched four self-driving tourism routes with different themes, including revolutionary traditions, folk customs and rural tourism.

Here are the four routes.

Route 1: a two-day trip in Jinchengjiang and Nandan

Day 1

Jinchengjiang Pearl Cave Scenic Zone - the Small Three Gorges - the Sea of Bamboo Gardens in Bagong - Nandan Geyasi Valley

Stay at Nandan Geyasi Valley overnight.

Day 2

Nandan Geyasi Valley - Nandan Danlu Mountain - Return

Route 2: a two-day trip in Du'an and Dahua

Day 1

Du'an Miluotuo Cultural Park - Du'an Chengjiang National Wetland Park - Du'an Sandao Bay International Resort

Stay at Du’an Sandao Bay International Resort overnight.

Day 2

Du'an Sandao Bay International Resort - Dahua Hongshui River - Dahua Qibainong Scenic Area - Dahou Town - Return

Route 3: a three-day trip in Donglan, Bama and Fengshan

Day 1

Donglan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery - Memorial Hall of Wei Baqun - the First Bay of the Hongshui River - Kuixing Tower - Former Residence of Wei Baqun - Lenin Cave - Moon River Longevity Village

Stay at Moon River Longevity Village overnight.

Day 2

Moon River Longevity Village - Bama Crystal Palace - Bainiao Cave - Renshou Resort

Stay at Bama Narada Resort overnight.

Day 3

Bama Baimo Cave - Fengshan Sanmen Sea - Leye-Fengshan World Geopark Museum - Bala Monkey Mountain - Return

Route 4: a four-day trip in Yizhou, Luocheng and Huanjiang

Day 1

Huaiyuan Ancient Town - Former Residence of Liusanjie - Xiangbei River Scenic Area - Longzhou Island Tourist Resort

Stay at Longzhou Island Tourist Resort overnight.

Day 2

Longzhou Island Tourist Resort - Luocheng Shiwei Ancient Village - Luocheng Mulam Museum - Huaiqun Tainmen Mountain - Luocheng Mianhua Tiankeng Tourist Resort

Stay at Luocheng Mianhua Tiankeng Tourist Resort overnight.

Luocheng Mianhua Tiankeng Tourist Resort. [Photo/]

Day 3

Luocheng Mianhua Tiankeng Tourist Resort - Niujiaozhai Waterfall Scenic Area - Huanjiang Colorful Maonan Scenic Area

Stay at Huanjiang overnight.

Day 4

Huanjiang - Yizhou Yiren Lake - Return


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