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Dongjiang Industrial Park
Updated: 2020-09-27


Dongjiang Industrial Park. [Photo/]


Dongjiang Industrial Park. [Photo/]

After years of development, Dongjiang Industrial Park has developed into a comprehensive park backed by industries like machinery manufacturing, specialty agricultural and sideline product processing, building materials and cement, chemical pharmaceuticals, as well as biological products.

With a total planned area of 10.54 square kilometers, Dongjiang Industrial Park was established in June 2003 and was rated as an A-type industrial park of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in December 2007.

The industrial park is located in the east of the administrative and cultural center of urban Hechi. Jinyi Highway runs through the entire park and the Dongjiang Railway Station of the Guizhou-Guangxi railway line is located in the park. It is 3 kilometers away from the city center, 1 km from the exit of the expressway, and 2 km away from Xingping Substation, which provides power resources.

In addition, it is located at the intersection of the Longjiang River and the Huanjiang River, with the abundant water resources meeting the needs of the park's industrial production.

The road network, water network, communications network, and other supporting facilities in the park have been well planned to fully meet the production and living needs of enterprises.

With the implementation of the eastward expansion strategy of urban Hechi and the high-speed rail new area plan, the infrastructure of the park will be continuously improved, with the goal of it being built into a modern comprehensive industrial park integrating industry and life services.

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